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Science Evolution
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The journal «Science Evolution» is published by Kemerovo State University in English from 2016 (with periodicity of two issues per year).

The Editor-in-chief and editorial board of «Science Evolution» are guided by the laws of the Russian Federation, the Charter of the Journal, Publication ethics and other documents approved by the Founder and the Editorial of the journal.

The main focus of the journal is to present new significant results, ideas and generalizations of fundamental and applied researches, obtained mainly by scientists from Russia and the CIS countries, to the international scientific community. To increase awareness of their achievements in the international arena and present their results in high-potential areas of research activity in the field of physical, chemical, biological and mathematical sciences.

    The main goals of the journal are:
  • publication of the scientific research results, theoretical and experimental studies performed by Russian and foreign organizations;
  • publication of the results of studies that are carried out at the personal initiative of the authors; to bring up together different categories of researchers university and scientific intelligentsia;
  • to create and maintain a unified area of scientific communication;
  • to achieve a level of international publications.

The journal covers a wide range of problems in physics, chemistry, biology, condensed medium, mathematical description and modeling of processes occurring in them.

    The journal publishes papers, which reflect the results of scientific research in the following main areas:
  • Preparation and properties of crystalline, amorphous, liquid-crystalline, glassy and liquid-phase of functional materials, including systems in nanoscale and nanostructured states;
  • The processes occurring in condensed matter under the influence of physical fields (temperature, pressure, radiation, etc.).;
  • The mathematical description and computer simulation of structures and processes in condensed matter;
  • Experimental methods and equipment for studying functional materials and processes occurring therein;
  • Biomedical technology studies of demographic, genetic, physiological, biochemical, biomolecular processes in the human population, animals and plants. Bioecology and systematics of natural communities.

Editorial Board accepts for publication articles, reviews (can be ordered or offered by editorship or authors on their own initiative), reports, short research paper. Preference is given to the publications of the interdisciplinary works and to the publications that have the perspective of practical use. Derivative works, articles of academic and scientific methodological character are not accepted for publication.

Received manuscripts of articles are checked for plagiarism. The test is performed with the help of the Internet resource «Антиплагиат». The originality of the text must be at least 81%.

To each article of the journal the assigned identifier to a digital object - DOI (Digital Object Identifier) ??through Сrossref system.

The journal has free access. Articles can be read, downloaded, copied, distributed, printed while referring to the full text with attribution, without any restrictions, in accordance with the license Commons the Attribution 4.0 the Creative International, license (the CC BY clause 4.0). The authors shall receive a copyright transfer agreement and consent to publish articles in open access to the editorial.

The Journal is registered in the Federal Service on Supervision in the sphere of communication industry, information technologies and public communications. The certificate of registration is EL № FS 77 - 65619 of 04.05.2016.

The journal «Science Evolution» invites both domestic and foreign scientists for publication.

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